Scan to Email address book access (Konica & Sindoh)

First, find the IP for the device, On the touchscreen - Go to Utility > Device Information – Find and note down the IP 4 Address


With the IP noted down, go to a Computer and open a web browser enter the IP address ( see example below, this will open the copiers internal web page)



With the web page open, login as the public user (or with your registered username and password)



You will be presented with the options below, select Store Address > Address Book


At the address book, you can change the people who can scan to email, either by registering a new person and email address or editing or deleting an existing registration by selecting the name and then the operation you want to perform (see below).


If you want a user to display on the main page for scan to email


Select the Favourite option tickbox and give an appropriate letter for sorting.