MFD Scan to Email with Gmail

From May 30th, 2022 Google has depreciated the Less Secure Apps option which allows MFD devices to send emails via a Gmail account, This will stop the ability to scan via the device through a Gmail account, see article below.

To remedy this the account will need 2-step verification activated and an App password generated, this is a unique password generated through the system to allow the scan-to-email functionality to work again.

To complete the process

Log in to the Gmail account via a web browser.

Turn on 2 Step Verification on the account

Account > Security > 2-step verification

Follow the instructions and complete the process

Create an App Password

Account > Security > App Passwords (you may need to search for the  app password)

Generate an App password

Give the App password a name - 'Copier'

The App password will be generated, copy this as you can only view the password during generation (A new password can be generated, but once created you can't view it again, after the initial generation) 

Change settings in the Device

Change the details on the copier to reflect the app password, you should only need to change the password to the new app password, we use port 587 (TLS) when setting up a copier.

Most copiers will require the following settings

SMTP Server:

SMTP Port:       587 (For TLS)

Username:        Email address

Password:         App Password

This should allow the device to scan to email again.

You can create a Gmail account by following the instructions from this Google support link: