Gigaset N510 Reset



The reset of the Gigaset Dect base will wipe out all the settings of the base including the configuration file.

Below are the steps you should follow:

  • Disconnect the base from the LAN network switch and remove the power supply (if you are not using POE).
  • Press and hold the registration/paging key.
  • If you are using POE (Power Over Ethernet) then connect the base to the POE switch otherwise connect the power supply to the base.
  • keep holding the registration/paging key for at least 20 seconds.
  • Release the registration/paging key and it will reset the base to factory settings.


The base will now re-download the config file from the server. Note this may take several minutes. Once the blue led on the front of the base is solid, it is complete. If the LED is flashing, it's still downloading or updating.



Re-registering your handset to the base station


First of all, if the handset is not yet connected to the base station you will need to register the handset to the base station.

  • On your handset press the centre of the middle button (the menu/control key);
  • Open the settings menu - this might be represented by a cog or a wrench;
  • From the list of settings choose registration;
  • Then click register handset;
  • Whilst the handset says "searching for base station", press the button at the front of your base station for a few seconds until the handset has found the base station;


  • It will then prompt you to enter a pin. The default pin for Gigaset phones is 0000. So as long as this hasn't been changed since you bought the phone, enter 0000 then press OK and the handset after a few moments should be registered to the base station. For some Gigasets, the PIN will be admin instead.
  • If you need to de-register the handset at any point (for example you have multiple base stations and want to register a handset to a different base station) then follow the first steps for this section and instead of choosing register handset choose de-register handset (menu key - settings - registration - de-register handset). You might be prompted for the PIN again before confirming that you want to de-register the handset.


If this does not work, please call the helpdesk on 0333 200 4330