Windows 10 Performance Tweaks

Windows 10 has some settings that are not found in previous versions of windows. These settings were originally designed to improve performance. They do in fact slow down the system!

Please action these three fixes. They will certainly improve the overall performance of your system;

Power Options

Navigate to windows search bar. Type control panel and select it. Once in the control panel select power options. Here you will have;


High Performance

System Setting

As standard the system will be set to balanced. Tick the box next to high performance. This will greatly improve the speed of the machine. Please remember this is different for a laptop, as increasing to high performance will improve speed, but decrease battery life.

Windows Updates

Select the start button, and the settings option (or settings cog icon). Once here select update and security. Then select advanced options. Scroll down to delivery optimisation.

Find the "Allowed downloads from other PC's" and un-tick this option. While enabled, the system will download its updates from all other computers on the network - slowing everything down a great deal !

Fast Start Up

In windows 10, there is an option for a fast start up. Its always enabled by default, but it should not be. Windows 10 has this option to increase the speed in which the system starts. This may be the case, but in the long run, it effects performance in a big way. When enabled, the system never actually shuts down. All computers need regular restarts to perform updates and basically refresh.

To change this, navigate to the same area as Step 1 - Control panel - power options - Then on the left hand menu select choose what the power buttons do.

Select "Change settings that are currently Unavailable" (this may require an administrator password)

Once selected the "turn off fast start up option" will appear below. Please untick this box, and give the computer a restart.

Changing the above three settings will almost certainly make a difference to the speed of your Windows 10 System.