Creating and Using a User Box

Creating a Public User Box  

Setting up a user box is relatively simple and can be done directly from any Mac/PC. You will need the IP address of Konica printer before you get started (on the device select utility, the Device information and note the IP address).

Then you will be ready to follow the below step-by-step instructions.  

Input the Konica IP address into your web browser.  

You should now be in the web page of the device, now select the box feature (purple/Blue) tab and then select “Create User box.” , you can name the box and give it a password should you require, As well as utilise it’s automatic delete feature after a set amount of days.

Index your Box for example HR Box would be under GHI to make it easier to find.  (See Below)

Go back to your Konica device and select the box tab.  

Your new box should be available. If you assigned a password, you will see a yellow lock in the corner of the box.

Using your User Box.  

You can now scan to your user box or send documents from a PC for printing.  

To send a file from your computer to the user box, simply go through the same steps to print.  

Before printing select either ‘Properties’ or ‘Preferences’

On the ‘My Tab’ select the Output Method and choose ‘Save in User Box’.

In the User Settings box, enter a name for the document and the number of the box to save it in and OK.

OK and Print.

Printing from a User Box  

Whenever you’re ready to print files from your user box, Select the “User Box”icon and then choose the User Box where the files are saved, type in your password (if applicable) and choose the documents you would like to print.