Draytek Router Configuration

Setting up broadband connection details – Rev 1.0

2. Firstly – please connect your Draytek router to the wall and the computer as shown below

2. Please open your internet browser and navigate to (default) if not or One of these addresses should bring you to the following page:

  • Please login to the router using the default connection details;
  • admin
  • admin

3. Once logged in, please select the “Quick Start Wizard” from the left-hand menu.

It will then require a new admin password to be configured. Please set this to something you can remember, as resetting it will result in the loss of all connection settings stored in the router.

4. On the next page, please select WAN1 (wide are network 1) which is the standard connection method and enter the name of the broadband supplier or ISP in the display name box. Please leave all other boxes as they are set.

5. Please now enter the following information on the wan 1 settings page. Please ignore the DNS area, as we can always fill this in later.

VPI: 0
VCI: 38
Protocol/Encapsulation: PPPoA VC MUX
Fixed IP: No (Dynamic IP)

6. Now you will need to enter your broadband user name and password. This is normally an email address from the ISP, and a password. This information is usually received a couple of days before the broadband service “go-live date”

7.  The final page will confirm the settings you have entered and ask you to save them.

It will then reboot (taking around 30 seconds) and present you with the following page. Please remember this is now the new password set in step 4. You should now be able to go to your web browser and test the connection. www.bbc.co.uk or www.google.co.uk are perfect for this test.

If you can see these pages, you are good to go! If you cannot connect or need any further support, please give us a call on 0333 200 4332 and we will be happy to help.