Papercut - Reset the Administrator account password

To reset the Administrator password use the following link and the associated article

PaperCut has a built-in administrator account (called “admin”) that is available even if a connection to the domain/directory cannot be established. 

The default username for this account is admin, and the password is set during the setup wizard when the system was first installed. This account is not related to the domain administrator account.

To change/reset the password manually (not via the web interface), first shut down the application server service:  Application Server service  

Mac: Ensure you are logged in with an administrator account and browse to /Applications/PaperCut [NG/MF]/server/ then right-click the file and select open with TextEdit. Then change the admin.password entry as shown below.

Windows: Open the following file in a text editor: [app_dir]/server/ and modify the line admin.password=. If the password has been set by the system it will be prefixed with HASH: - remove this when manually entering a plain text password.

For example, change:


To something like this:


This allows you to set a password in cleartext. Save and close the file, then restart the application Server service.

Wait a minute or two, and when you log back into the admin interface, go to Options -> Advanced -> Reset admin password to change the password back to the hashed format.