Renewing a self signed certificate

Renewing self-signed certificate in SBS 2008 / 2011

Bring up the SBS console

Click on NETWORK icon

Click on Connectivity Tab

Highlight Certificate in Left Window and click on View certificate properties in Right Windows

Make a note of the domain name AFTER the remote. part of the issued to field
i.e. if it was you just need

Close the certificate window and in the Right Window, click Setup Your Internet Address

Click next on first screen

Select “I already have a domain name I want to use” and click next

Select “I want to manage the domain name myself” and click next

Type in the domain name from point 5 (leave out the remote. part just need the rest) and click configure

Server will go away and do its thing then tell you when done

To check it worked, repeat steps 1 to 4 but look at the valid to date under the certificate details and it should be 2 years from today