Remove Black Lines from Prints & Copies

  • Open the front door of the copier 

  • Locate the 4 white rods shown here

  • Take hold of one of the rods and pull it towards you

  • The plastic rod will come out around 12 inches - Do this for all 4 of the rods, pushing them back in one at a time

  • Next with the front door still open remove the toner waste box see picture below and push the two blue levers outwards to the side the waste box will then spring forward, then remove and place somewhere safe upright.

  • Now remove the grey plastic rod from the front door, indicated with the red arrow above - Take the rod and place in to the square hole shown below

  • Then push the rod into the machine as far as it will go, around 12 inches / 30 cm and then take it out. Do this for all four of the square holes indicated by the blue square sticker. Now replace the plastic rod into its holding place on the front door, then refit the toner waste box into the machine. Close the front door and test to see if the lines have gone.