Lexmark - Replace Waste Toner

When the waste toner bottle becomes full, the message

[WASTE TONER FULL REPLACE BOTTLE] appears in the message window. The machine stops and will not start again until the waste toner bottle is replaced

Step 1

Open the machine's front cover.

Step 2

 Pull up the waste toner bottle to unlock it or release the clips at either side.

Step 3

Grab the left and right handles of the waste toner bottle, and then slowly pull the bottle.

Do not tilt removed waste toner box otherwise waste toner may spill.

Step 4

Remove the new waste toner from its packaging.

Insert the used waste toner bottle into the plastic bag included in the box and then box it up.

Dispose of the waste toner bottle according to your local regulations and do not burn

Step 5

Press in the waste toner bottle until it locks into place and close the front cover.