Print Audit (ICE) install information

This article gives information for the installation of Print Audit ICE (Information Collection Engine), including a direct link for the software download and links to .pdf documents with information on the service.

Installation of Print audit takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and requires the user to be logged on as an administrative user, as Print Audit installs itself as a service on the PC or server.

  1. Use the following link to download the zipped file, right-click on the link and open a new tab to start the download: (if the download doesn't run see the attached executable file below)
  2. Once downloaded run as an administrator and follow the instructions to install.
  3. Once installed, run the Ice Administrator program, use your given license code to license the installation, once this has completed, run a scan (Tools > Scan), this should scan the local subnet (network) for the printers and initialise them on the print Audit portal. The ice administrator can be closed after the scan has been started.
  4. Occasionally a second scan may be needed, simply reopen and rescan.

The following is information on security, technical and website information for Print Audit:

Print Audit ICE Server portal, ports and FQDN :

TCP port 443 for outbound initiated bi-directional traffic

UDP port 161


Print Audit Facilities Manager Server:


IP address:

Attached PDF files for Security and Technical information.